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What is ABRAP

The Brazilian Association of Psychotherapy, ABRAP, was founded in May 2004 in order to gather and promote exchanges between psychotherapists of various existing trends today. It is a supra - approaches authority covering a broad spectrum of psychotherapeutic lines, such as psychoanalytic, psychodrama, cognitive-behavioral, systemic, body psychotherapy, behavioral, and other analytical psychology .

Who founded ABRAP

Among the founding partners of ABRAP, appeared as individual members presidents and directors of institutions such as the Brazilian Medical Association Psychosomatics; Brazilian Association of Cognitive Psychotherapy; Brazilian Association of Group Psychotherapy; Brazilian Association of Psychotherapy and Medical behavioral; Brazilian Association of Family Therapy; Brazilian Federation of psychodrama; two Departments of Institute Sedes Sapientiae: Psychodynamic and Psychodrama; International Psychoanalytical Association; International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama; Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of São Paulo; Brazilian Society Psychology; Brazilian Society of Analytical Psychology; Brazilian Society of Therapies Cognitive; and colleagues from several other institutions.

Partners Entities

The ABRAP has the institutional support of the Federal Council of Psychology, Regional Council of Psychology of São Paulo and the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry (through the Department of Psychotherapy – extinct in 2013).

How do ABRAP's members relate to societies and associations that represent lines of thought and schools of psychotherapy?

Although it has the support of several institutions, the Brazilian Association of Psychotherapy does not have institutional members. Every membership is individual and personal. Most ABRAP's members belong to institutions identified with certain approaches. But, when participating in it, they do individually, as part of a supra approaches collective.

ABRAP's function is to promote the dialogue and integration among professionals and the scientific discussion on issues in the area, and not the defense of a particular line(s) of Psychotherapy. But it seeks to promote and encourage satisfactory conditions for the practice of psychotherapy in general. With that, it seeks to encourage patients, professionals and the civil society as a whole.

Mission and Vision

The Brazilian Association of Psychotherapy aims to provide to the professionals and society in general current information on the state of the art (psychotherapy activity as a whole), promote research and serve as a space for exchange and occasionally a reference for those wishing to get an overview of the Psychotherapy field and its interfaces with related areas. So it aims to ensure the safeguard of the working conditions which contribute to the proper practice of psychotherapy.

ABRAP wants to make available, to its members, information that map diversity and highlight the commonalities and differences among the lines of psychotherapy. It intends to be added to the various efforts of dialogue and research and cooperate with the various agents acting on our field, such as professional advisory, national agency of supplemental health insurance, colleges, training institutions, consumer associations and society in general, providing, when called, and if applicable, grants to assist in the negotiation of topics of general interest to psychotherapy.


The following values can be found in ABRAP's Statutes:

The respect for different technical and cultural backgrounds and different psychotherapy orientations with emphasis on psychotherapeutic issues common to the various approaches.

The requirement of ethical and theoretical-technical principles in the practice of psychotherapies.

The transparency in its internal and external relations.

The removal of any discrimination on grounds of creed, ethnicity, gender or age.


Support the development of conceptual and scientific bases of general psychotherapy with emphasis on reflection on the therapeutic factors common to all approaches.

Serve as a resource center and information on matters relating to Psychotherapy for those who rely on it (consumers, government agencies, universities, research centers, etc.).

Promote regular scientific events in the field of psychotherapy, whether they own or combination with other Brazilian and international conferences and events.

Promote the integration of professionals from various fields.

Disseminating Psychotherapy and encourage their presence in the transformation processes social and organizational she is relevant.

Create partnerships with national and international government entities.

Rewarding individuals and organizations that excel in the work area.

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